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GPS Tracker may still seem to be a privilege of an action movie but today anyone can perform the tracking of vehicles, people and valuables. These devices are placed next to the objects of interest and using GPS satellite signal collects location information, routed to a central and / or monitor server device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

The use possibilities are multiple:

  • Recover your stolen vehicle by discovering the place where it is.
  • Monitor a valuable object to retrieve in case of theft.
  • Know if your children went and returned safely to school.
  • Make real-time management of a field sales team.
  • Track criminals on conditional freedom sentence.


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The newest innovation from Track GPS Tracking is complete driver behaviour profiling. The Driver Behaviour Module subscription provides the type of data that is essential to allow you to under-stand both how your fleet and your drivers are performing. Your fleet will be measured against 5 key driving elements including driving style, speeding and idling. The result will provide a direct cost saving to your business whilst raising safety standards and efficiency. The tools include the information to test and measure the success of any improvements that are implemented.


Law enforcement agencies can utilize GPS trackers to effectively track and monitor vehicle activity for covert surveillance.

In an effort to improve performance and reduce expenses, many police departments have adopted the use of GPS trackers for surveillance and other purposes. Using these devices for vehicle tracking provides police departments with real-time information and helps them operate more effectively; however, some privacy issues surrounding GPS use by police could open up a legal can of worms for law enforcement officers who don't follow appropriate procedures. Let's take a closer look at the various ways police departments use GPS for personal use and vehicle tracking, and examine the benefits and possible issues associated with this practice.

About SNn Technosoft

As an industry leader in GPS based Fleet Management, SNN is Secure is committed to assisting companies reduce operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently. SNN Technosoft is an Indian GPS Tracking Manufacturer.

SNN Technosoft Secure began product development in 2017 giving us over a decade of experience in the design, manufacturing, and sales of GPS tracking products.We manufacture a variety of systems to meet each customer's specific needs.SNN Technosoft has built a solution for tracking and managing hazardous material transport, cars, buses, cargo vehicles, bikes etc.

The Fleet Tracking System is the optimum short and long-term solution for fleet managers.

At any given time, the Fleet Tracking System can accurately show where a vehicle is, whether it is stationary or moving, and if in motion, how fast it is going and in which direction. In short, it is the ultimate vehicle-tracking tool.


Efficient time usage reduces costs and increases profits. With the Fleet Tracking System, for example, there is no need for time-wasting calls to find out driver locations. Also, the system can report on road conditions so drivers know the best overall route to take to or from the job.


Keep a check on speed, distance and time, for daily/weekly/monthly targets.


Instant notifications for Safe-zone violation, speed violation, device cut-off and more.


On-site support for device installation, mobile setup and usage tutorial by experts.


Our device is compatible with all types of vehicles like car, bike, bus, trucks etc.

Our Features

Latest Features

Premium Features of GPS Tracking System
Engine On-Off

Most important feature that makes the vehicle ultra-secure is engine access remotely using the mobile app. A user can switch-on and switch-off the engine from anywhere. It works on a relay that can be controlled through a secured message to be sent on the server that communicates with the device. This feature can help in case of theft of unwanted scenarios.

Safe-Zone Marking

User can mark circular areas and manage the safe-zone as per priority and sensitivity. Notifications and message can come on mobile for instant alerts that help in timely update related to person or vehicle.

Analytical Graphs

Graphs that show day level stats on a month timeline. Stats can be for total distance covered, run time for which vehicle was moving, idle time for which engine was on but the vehicle didn't move, Average Speed, Maximum Speed etc.

Multiple Vehicle on Single Platform

One can manage multiple vehicles on a single mobile or desktop dashboard for management of n number of vehicles. One can even create user accounts to give access to people with limited features to access.

Features for Business

Front-end interface

SNN Technosoft is an Indian GPS Tracking Manufacturer.

Easy to use, mobile friendly and feature rich user interface. Monitor thousands of targets in one account. All tasks performs instantly due to optimized software core.

A "front-end" application is one that application users interact with directly. a front-end application might interface directly with users and forward requests to a remotely-located back-end program in another computer to get requested data or perform a requested service. Relative to the client/server computing model, a front-end is likely to be a client and a back-end to be a server.

Control panel interface

Control panel area will help to control user accounts, user privileges, object expiration dates, payment settings and configure basic software settings.

Many user interfaces use a control panel metaphor to give the user control of software and hardware features. The control panel consists of multiple settings including display settings, network settings, user account settings and hardware settings. Some control panels require the user to have admin rights or root access.

Mobile App

Our free mobile apps allows to use software in any Android device.

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